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lynx-dev dev17 - lynxcfg.html problems

From: Vlad Harchev
Subject: lynx-dev dev17 - lynxcfg.html problems
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 06:16:00 +0400 (SAMT)

 Tom, html files produced by perl script are very cool! Thank you very much!

 Unfortunately seems there is a bug in the script - seems that some array is
 not clearerd - search for e.g. for ALERTSECS in produced body.html - there
 are several occurences of it, but each has different 'please see the
descripion of' - ie one is 
 Please see the description of INFOSECS
 Please see the description of DEFAULT_CACHE_SIZE
 Please see the description of LOCAL_EXECUTION_LINKS_ALWAYS_ON
and so on...

 Such problem exists for some other settings.

 But body.html looks very cool, especially justified and hyphenated :)

 Also I suggest to add the 'usage' message to the script, and some comment
to the top of lynx.cfg about what those lines starting with '.' are.

 Best regards,

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