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lynx-dev Trouble with Lynx

From: Ayyar, Siva
Subject: lynx-dev Trouble with Lynx
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 13:15:53 -0600

Lynx Version 2.8rel.2 (1998) for Solaris 2.6
URLs causing trouble:

Usage: lynx -dumn

Hi, I am using Lynx to dump the formatted text of several URLs... I noticed
that URLs have a tendency to end in .gif or .jpg often hang Lynx
interminably. I expect a look-up failure on most of these, but I
disconcerted to discover that it takes up to an hour for some of these to
time out.... I reproduced the failure using Lynx in interactive mode.

Can this be rectified???



Error messages:
lynx: Can't access startfile
lynx: Can't access startfile

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