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lynx-dev Re: your mail

From: Gabor Z. Papp
Subject: lynx-dev Re: your mail
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 09:55:55 +0100

David Woolley wrote:

| /usr/src/lynx/lynx2-7-2/Makefile:# -DNOPORT         if you must use PASV 
instead of PORT for FTP
| I can't imagine any reason why this will have gone in the latest version.

Thanks. I have only one question left.

When I enter on a link, that contains a download link to a
file, downloading starting, and at the end of download I see
something in the screen, but file not saved. Where can I
define, that downloaded file must be saved somewhere?
Sometimes asked for D)ownload C)ancel, but not always.

And one new come to my mind, I have this in my .lynxrc,
but save_space not works:


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