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lynx-dev Need help with new installation

From: davidh
Subject: lynx-dev Need help with new installation
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 17:03:35 -0600 (CST)

I've been out of Lynx Development for quite some time now, but on one
of the systems I use, a new version of Lynx was recently installed, and
things aren't working like they used to.

The version that was installed was "Lynx 2.8.3dev.6 (13 Aug 1999)".
This looks rather out of date, but it's what they chose, and I don't
have enough space available to compile my own.

I've looked through the documentation and fixed some of the things
that have changed, but some things I can't find explanations or
fixes for.

The things that aren't working like I expect:

* The ">" and "<" keys don't go to the beginning of the next line or
end of the previous line anymore.  Now they go "straight down".  This
is extremely irritating, because in several of my bookmark files, I
have multiple links on each line, with the important or first-in-a-
series links for a particular category at the beginning of the line,
and the less important ones, or the next-in-a-series links, after
that.  I'm used to hitting ">" to go to the first item on the next
line (or several lines down), but when I do ">[Enter]" this selects
a link in the middle of a line, and I have to go back and hit the up
arrow several times to get back to the beginning of the line.

    -- Is there a command-line option or a .lynxrc entry that I can
    use to restore the old ">" behavior?

* When Lynx starts up, it is set to include "[blank.gif]" etc. for
all images that don't have an ALT text.  I want the default to be
to ignore images without ALT (other than links, of course, when
having the "[menu.gif]" is handy.

    -- Is there a command-line option or a .lynxrc entry that I can
    use to set the default image-handling to ignore ALT-less images?

* When I'm editing a TEXTAREA in a form, I see the "(^Ve for editor)"
message as I have for some time, but now when I press ^V e, I get
the old "Lynx cannot currently (e)dit remote WWW files." message.
I do have an editor set in the (O)ptions screen.

    -- How can I get this to work?  Or is this something that was
    already fixed in a later development release, that can only
    be fixed by getting the sysadmins to upgrade again?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

David Henderson
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