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lynx-dev Lynx & Windows (was installation)

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev Lynx & Windows (was installation)
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 18:44:17 -0500

000228 David Silverman wrote:
> I have downloaded Lynx version 2.8.2 rel 1
> from
> for use on my Windows 95 operating system.
> However, I do not understand completely the instructions for installation.

free software does assume a certain amount of labor from its users
& Lynx documentation is its one weak point.

> I have found installing a free program from the net on my machine
> can cause inextricable tangles in the operating system,
> if everything is not done properly.
>  Lynx.bat  needs to be run before starting Lynx, adjusted to my file system.
> Also Path statements may need to be made

JS has already given you some good down-to-earth advice,
but be reassured further that many people use Lynx with Windows
without running into tangles, let alone inxtricabilities:
yes, there mb free software out there which isn't as well-written.

>  lynx.cfg  is large and seems to require expert knowledge to manipulate.

you can say that again (grin'n'grimace):
it works, but it has rather taken on a life of its own!
however, to get the most out of Lynx, you sb prepared
to invest a couple of hours study/experimenting with  lynx.cfg :
you simply need to restart Lynx each time you change something;
much of it is also covered by the `o'ptions menu.

> I would like to try Lynx on my computer,
> since it takes so long for Internet Explorer 5.01 to load web pages

yes, many people report that to lynx-dev,
which is a joint user/developer list: you might try subscribing.

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