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lynx-dev update

From: Michael Sokolov
Subject: lynx-dev update
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 00 17:36:12 CDT

  BSD target. - MS
* When not #including <stdlib.h> because of __STRICT_BSD__ (there is no
  <stdlib.h> on pure BSD UNIX), explicitly declare malloc(), calloc(),
  realloc(), getenv(), getlogin(), and atol() in HTUtils.h (these are the
  functions from <stdlib.h> which we use and which aren't int). - MS
* Don't #include <stdlib.h> in LYexit.h and LYLeaks.h, they include HTUtils.h
  which correctly includes <stdlib.h> or its equivalent for pure BSD UNIX. - MS
* On pure BSD UNIX #include <errno.h> defines the error codes, but doesn't do
  extern int errno;. Do it ourselves in tcp.h for __STRICT_BSD__. - MS
* Check for S_IFIFO with #ifdef before using it in HTFile.c! Pure BSD UNIX
  doesn't have Missed'em-five named pipes! - MS
* LYLeaks.h uses size_t which under 4.3BSD requires <sys/types.h> which we
  #include only in tcp.h, so everyone including LYLeaks.h must include tcp.h
  too. HTBTree.c, HTMLDTD.c, HTChunk.c, HTAtom.c, HTStyle.c, HTList.c, HTUU.c.
  - MS
* 4.3BSD doesn't have strstr(). Provide our own in HTString.c enabled by
  -DNO_STRSTR enabled in the BSD target. Now everyone using strstr() must
  include HTString.h. - MS
* 4.3BSD doesn't have bsearch(). Provide our own in LYUtils.c enabled by
  -DNO_BSEARCH enabled in the BSD target. Now everyone using bsearch() must
  include LYUtils.h. - MS
* makeuctb.c uses strtol(), which 4.3BSD doesn't have. Provide our own strtol()
  right in makeuctb.c enabled by -DNO_STRTOL enabled in the BSD target. - MS
* LYCookie.c also uses strtol()! Fortunately, its use there is gratuitous,
  atol() does just fine, so just change it to atol(). - MS
* In 4.3BSD <time.h> and <sys/stat.h> aren't protected against multiple
  inclusion, so be careful about including them more than once. Fixed
  LYShowInfo.c and LYLocal.h. - MS
* tcp.h defines mode_t, pid_t, WEXITSTATUS, WTERMSIG, and S_ISREG for NeXT and
  Sony News. We need this for __STRICT_BSD__ as well. - MS
* Use wait() instead of waitpid() and union wait instead of int for
  __STRICT_BSD__ in LYLocal.c and LYCgi.c. - MS
* LYCgi.c must #include <sys/wait.h> like LYLocal.c does or else. - MS
* The code uses remove() instead of unlink(), so #define remove unlink in
  HTUtils.h for __STRICT_BSD__. - MS
* HTFTP.c used an ugly roundabout way of turning a GMT time_t into a GMT ASCII
  time string instead of just calling asctime(gmtime()). In the process it used
  mktime() which doesn't exist on 4.3BSD. Throw that garbage out and use
  asctime(gmtime()). - MS
* Provide for setting $(MAKE) in src/Makefile just like in the top-level
  Makefile, needed for 4.3BSD. - MS
* .h must be listed in .SUFFIXES in src/chrtrans/Makefile for 4.3BSD. - MS
* Remove the minus from chrtrans make lines in src/Makefile, the chrtrans stuff
  is not optional and if it fails, we have a problem. - MS
* Added top-level Makefile support for systems like 4.3BSD-Quasijarus and
  4.3BSD-Tahoe that require installing formatted man pages instead of nroff
  sources. - MS
* Fix incorrect reference to address@hidden in an error message in
  HTAccess.c. - MS
* Added the BSDish target for systems that are BSDish but not adamantly BSD. It
  corresponds to the previous BSD target. The current BSD target is for True
  Pure Berkeley UNIX only. - MS

Now, I have to tell you, this was *NOT* easy. Unfortunately Lynx is very
SysVile and building it on Pure BSD was *HARD*. But I did it, and the updated is at:


In addition to SysVile goo in Lynx, another obstacle was that the UNIX C
preprocessor, cpp, until today had a limit of 2000 #defines, which Lynx was
bumping into. I took advantage of being the BSD UNIX principal maintainer and
bumped this limit to 4000 and installed the new cpp on my machines, the general
public will get it with the next BSD UNIX release tape. In the meantime since
the only VAX UNIX machines capable of building Lynx are my own, I'm providing a
prebuilt VAX UNIX binary in in the same directory on
my FTP site.

Michael Sokolov                         Harhan Computer Operation Facility
Special Agent                           615 N GOOD LATIMER EXPY #4
International Free Computing Task Force DALLAS TX 75204-5852 USA
                                        Phone: +1-214-824-7693
                                        ARPA TCP/SMTP: address@hidden

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