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Re: lynx-dev SSL lynx

From: Duncan Simpson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev SSL lynx
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 17:12:34 +0000

The EEC has evolved into the EU. Europe is actually quite a big place and the 
US attempting to push it around has limited impact (hormine treated beef is 
still exlcuded).

You might like to know wrt crypto export controls the US efforts to get the EU 
to join the "crtpyto is muntiions unless we can break it" club are not 
working... in fact the is an EU directive recognising useful crypto must be 
decent and internatinaly avialable, which has been around for quite a few 
years. This is completely incomatible with US-style strangulation.
Duncan (-:
"software industry, the: unique industry where selling substandard goods is
legal and you can charge extra for fixing the problems."

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