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Re: lynx-dev pre8 - open documentation issues

From: pAb-032871
Subject: Re: lynx-dev pre8 - open documentation issues
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 06:26:08 -0700

(Don't mind the "pAb-032871" bit.  It's just a trick to sort automated
junk-mailers from people.  My name is Patrick.)

Well, I can help with Item - 1, but it ONLY works if you're using a
local copy of lynx.cfg.  Actually, it's only practical if you're
running Lynx on your own machine and value disk space highly.

Here's what you said:

---------========== quote ==========---------

I would like to remember few minor items:

1) it would be nice if LYNXCFG:/ page will show a link
   on htmlized cfg (cattoc.html and alphatoc.html)
   according to configure options (whether a remote copy
   on VH site, or a local one, like in lynx_main_help.html and

---------========== /quote ==========---------

Ok, first, open your lynx.cfg in some kind of editor and add;


to the MIME-types list.  Or you can just map "cfg" to text/html in your
.mime.types file if that's easier.

Here's the part where you NEED to save changes in the .cfg file though:

At the top of the document, but AFTER the first "#" [you don't want it
misread as a default configuration] add some HTML, like this;

#<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Lynx.cfg as HTML, Dude. <!-- or something
# better ;-) --></TITLE></HEAD><BODY><PRE>"

Add whatever <A NAME= and <A HREF= links and internal cross-references
seem relevant, and there you are.  shouldn't be too hard to make it
readable -- both as rendered HTML and plaintext -- either.

Closing it at the end, with;


is optional, I guess.

Some characters in the running commentary would have to be changed or
escaped, however.  For example;

PRINTER:<printer name>:<printer command>:<printer option>:<lines/page>

would be rendered as:

and then you'd probably get a "Bad HTML!" alert.  Square, curly, or
round brackets folks?

Anyway, I'd be happy to do it if anyone wants a copy, then either Email
it or upload to my homepage directory on the ISP and post the URL here.

           USER_AGENT:Lynx 2.7.1 b1 (MacOS) libwww/unknown
                                         [and proud of it]


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