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Re: lynx-dev -traversal -crawl gets into infinite loop

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev -traversal -crawl gets into infinite loop
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 12:40:38 -0400

000426 Bob Izenberg forwarded a message from  address@hidden :
> I tried to use lynx to convert javadoc-generated .html files to text.
> with -crawl -traversal, lynx doesn't remember it has visited a link.
> This causes lynx to get into an infinite loop,
> pingponging between two html files that reference each other.
> I can't change the .html files
> for they are generated from java source code and not man-made.

first, what are the URLs of the documents which are causing you trouble?
second, what version of Lynx are you using (use  =  to find out)?
third, what platform are you running on (UNIX version, Winsomething etc)?

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