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lynx-dev Re: dumb nickname [was: pre8 open documentation issues]

From: pAb-032871
Subject: lynx-dev Re: dumb nickname [was: pre8 open documentation issues]
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 00:02:57 -0700

>> Message-Id: <20000424075111.015423>
>> (Don't mind the "pAb-032871" bit.  It's just a trick to sort automated
>> junk-mailers from people.  My name is Patrick.)
> If you are going to run junk mail filters, you should at least try to
> avoid including junk mail symptoms in your messages.  The broken
> message ID (see RFC 822 for what is legal) caused three of your messages
> to go into my probably-junk-mail folder.

Okay, well, I don't use any local junk filters because the STMP host has
some of its own, and they seem to work okay.  But occasionally, I'll
fill out some form with hidden input fields, send a comment to a dot-com
business [usually if I try out some software and it proves unstable],
and get a reply from their friendly robot.  The host doesn't -- and
shouldn't -- filter replies, obviously.

And sometimes pure, unsolicited crap gets through.

About the broken message ID, I'm not sure where that came from.  I use a
very small, basic Email client [freeware, and about 500k on disk], and
the author might have skimmed over this when he was coding it.  It's
still a lot simpler than firing up some 10mb monster like Mozilla

Or: one thing I am sure of is that my client tries to reply to the
sender, NOT address@hidden  I've avoided replying directly to items
on the list, choosing "new message" and filling in the appropriate
subject line.  If that's it, I apologise.  Maybe I should reply and
then change the address field before sending it.

> The confusing description of your anti-spam measures (I don't really
> see how anything based on the human readable part of the address can
> really work)

Simple: if the friendly robot's smart enough to call you by name, it
uses the one given in the headers of your message, not the one given in
the body.  It makes these messages easier to identify.

          "Hi, pAb-032871!  Thanks for your message.  We'd like you to
          know that here at [whatever].com we don't just tell our
          customers to take a number and wait.  That's right, your
          opinions are important to us.  Here at [whatever].com you're
          not just another serial number to us pAb-032871..."

et cetera ad nauseum.

Also, pAb-032871 is my most commonly-used nickname at Hotline servers. 
Some good friends of mine don't know my real name [different net
culture, different norms].


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