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RE: lynx-dev URL scheme question for VMS

From: Jerome LAURET
Subject: RE: lynx-dev URL scheme question for VMS
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 23:31:50 -0400

> From: SMTP%"address@hidden" 29-APR-2000 22:57:27.34
> CC:   
> Subj: RE: lynx-dev URL scheme question for VMS
> Well, the code seems to be still there in other places to handle the
> native syntax (for example in LYConvertToURL).[*]  It just wasn't
> being reached any more, because of the is_url test.  Whether it's worth
> maintaining is up to interested VMS users (i.e., you...).
                                        ^^^^^^^^^^ Well, I'm trying to maintain
VMS support for sure. Lynx is so nicely packaged that now, it requires little
effort to continue the support. Someone has to do it ...

> The change I mention was, according to CHANGES file, from
>    1999-01-18 (2.8.2dev.14)
> and I don't remember seeing any messages since then from VMS users about it.
> So either nobody but you was trying to use native file syntax (it's been a
> "hidden feature" which didn't affect anybody else), or VMS users all have
> been using older versions...

        Last month, I've reported that the Multinet compilation was broken.
Thomas kindly added the fix I suggested ... and when I did the announcement 
of the lynx2-8-2 release, I got people coming to my software re-distribution 
site and downloading it. So, what I think is happening is that VMS users uses 
old versions ... until someone works on a new one. If it's broken, they keep 
quiet (strange, I usually scream ;)  ).

> But anyway, I think it's safe to say that "Unix SHELL syntax" is the
> preferred form of input.  (Full URLs should be even more preferred.)

        So, my opinion on this is : Let's go like everyboddy else i.e. having
lynx behaving like on any other platform => I personally do not plan to
re-enable the undocumented feature if the way this group is going is to make
Lynx uniform accross platform. 

        On the other topics :

|Have you checked saved settings?  (I don't even know what the equivalent
|to .lynxrc is, under VMS)

        Yes I did. I deleted the sys$login:.LYNXRC;* file.

|...only determine what the COLORs are *if* color is on...
        Understood : but I thought that the colors were supposed to be ON by 

|Slang documentation says (cslang.txt):
        Ha ha ! Setting

$ define COLORTERM 1

        would make it but SLtt_Use_Ansi_Colors would not (even if I use case
sensitive logicals). That's really nice : even Jed has color enabled now with
that logical defined ... So much for me for not reading the Slang documentation

        I think I will leave an extra note for VMS users about this and define
this in my system-wide freeware startup procedure. Thanks a trillion !!!

                  Jerome LAURET S.U.N.Y. @ Stony Brook
       ,,,,,      Dept. of Chemistry
      ( o o )     Stony Brook NY 11794-3400
  E-mail: address@hidden
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