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Re: lynx-dev Re: Administrivia: List "reply" address

From: David Combs
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: Administrivia: List "reply" address
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 20:06:27 -0700

On Mon, May 08, 2000 at 07:01:51PM +0900, Henry Nelson wrote:
> > I agree. The current messages show From: as the person making the
> > post, ane Reply-To: as the lynx-dev list. I would like it to stay that
> > way.
> In case it comes to a vote count, I too hope the reply will be to
> the lynx-dev list.  (When the reply is to the poster, answers to
> really good questions often go only to the poster, and the list as
> a whole misses out.  I still use vanilla Solaris /usr/ucb/mail, and
> don't find it so hard to add a Cc: or overwrite the To:.)
> __Henry

(1) I get so much email -- for replying, I have gotten into
    the now wired-into-hand "r" as way to do it.

    I sure don't have to THINK about it, not when I'm tired,
    and have to DECIDE just which key to hit for THIS email.

    Sometimes "DWIM" (do what I mean) works fine, and for 
    THIS list roughly 100% of the replies are TO THE LIST --
    not to individual people on it.

    OTHER lists might operate differently, ie the nature of
    the list is that most replies are to the INDIVIDUAL who
    generated it.  Not, as far as I know, lynx-dev.

(2) some of those who reply to the list A LOT (eg klaus)
    say they prefer it the way it is now.

    If there is to be a vote, I'd say that the vote should
    be LIMITED to those who do LOTS of WORTHWHILE replies
    (which of course counts me out -- but counts IN certainly
    also those who hack the code for lynx).

    Certainly no LUCKER (who by definition never replies
    to the list at all) has any business in any official
    "vote" -- since it can't possibly affect any such person
    HOW the system works (re replyto, etc).

    (Although we can all sound off -- as I am doing now!)

(3) And MUCH THANKS for all those who DO work on the code!


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