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Re: lynx-dev Tables (once again) and virtual lynx pages

From: Duncan Simpson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Tables (once again) and virtual lynx pages
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 22:52:23 +0000

Robert A Hopkins manipulate some of my own electrons tio ask:

>Is it not possible to simply wrap the text within each table cell, as if 
>we were printing multiple columns like a newspaper? Draw a few lines with 
>text characters and boom! you got a table. 

This was what I was propopsing, in addition to a method for assigning widths 
to the columns, based on the content, if the overall table is too wide. I 
would like an option to omit the lines myslf and just go by the alignment.

I was further proposing the clean soplution was to handle tables on the 
otuside of the rest of the rendering engine. I also mentioned that subtables 
are obviously a good thing and easy to support within that framework.

In passing i was aware that it would make "real" fram support possible too, 
asusming we decided that was a good thing. IT is amazing how the lynx dev 
mailing list dsitbrutor can find me and inform me than it can find no A on Mx 
records for (nslookup finds the MX record locally, at 
sourceforge and at southampton uiniversity).
Duncan (-:
"software industry, the: unique industry where selling substandard goods is
legal and you can charge extra for fixing the problems."

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