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lynx-dev clarification of indent problem

From: 42821128607675
Subject: lynx-dev clarification of indent problem
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 16:41:42 -0700 (PDT)

The problem comes when I have a code sample that goes something
like this::

<A name="1"><B>mmm - steak</B></A>  (Score:1)<BR>
by <A HREF="mailto:bonzo(NOSPAM)esc81(AT)">bonzoesc</A>
<B><FONT SIZE="2">(bonzo(NOSPAM)esc81(AT)</FONT></B>
 on Tuesday May 16, @02:04PM EDT
(<A href="";>#1</A>)<BR>
(<A HREF="";>User Info</A>)
<TR><TD bgcolor=ffffff>Any way you order it, steak is always better than none, 
or CowboyNeal.  I think I will go buy one tonight.  \Vegetarians get 
lost!<BR><P>"Assume the worst about people, and you'll generally be 
-Scott Adams</TD></TR>

        <TR><TD><FONT SIZE="2">
[ <A 
 to This</A>
 | <A 

<TABLE><TR><TD bgcolor=cccccc>
<A name="45"><B>Ah, but how much steak? 12 oz.? 16 oz.? 32 oz.?</B></A>  
by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday May 16, @02:55PM EDT
(<A href="";>#45</A>)<BR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=ffffff>Me, I like a 48 oz. steak. Yes, that's 3 pounds of 
steak. When I'm really famished I can do 64 oz. And I lik\e 'em really well 
done. "Two steaks! Nuke 'em! I'll order". Yum<BR></TD></TR>

        <TR><TD><FONT SIZE="2">
[ <A 
 to This</A>
 | <A 
<TABLE><TR><TD bgcolor=cccccc>

Which is really supposed to render to something like the following
in almost any browser except lynx.

mmm - steak (Score:1)
   by [49]bonzoesc (bonzo(NOSPAM)esc81(AT) on Tuesday May 16,
   @02:04PM EDT ([50]#1)
   ([51]User Info) [52]
   Any way you order it, steak is always better than none, or CowboyNeal.
   I think I will go buy one tonight. Vegetarians get lost!

   "Assume the worst about people, and you'll generally be correct"
   -Scott Adams
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   Ah, but how much steak? 12 oz.? 16 oz.? 32 oz.? (Score:0)
       by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday May 16, @02:55PM EDT ([55]#45)
       Me, I like a 48 oz. steak. Yes, that's 3 pounds of steak. When I'm
       really famished I can do 64 oz. And I like 'em really well done.
       "Two steaks! Nuke 'em! I'll order". Yum
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Now the content is irrevelent but the rendering dosn't do anything in the new 
2.8.2. rel 1 ok not 2.8.3 but close enough.
To get this to work properly I had to use 2.5FM with the following options

              Options Menu (Lynx Version 2.5FM)

     E)ditor                      : NONE
     D)ISPLAY variable            : NONE
     B)ookmark file               : lynx_bookmarks.html
     F)TP sort criteria           : By Filename
     P)ersonal mail address       : NONE
     S)earching type              : CASE INSENSITIVE
     display (C)haracter set      : ISO Latin 1
     Raw 8-bit or CJK m(O)de      : ON
     preferred document lan(G)uage: en
     preferred document c(H)arset : NONE
     V)I keys                     : OFF
     e(M)acs keys                 : OFF
     K)eypad mode                 : Links are numbered
     li(N)e edit style            : Default Binding
     l(I)st directory style       : Mixed style
     sho(W) dot files             : OFF
     U)ser mode                   : Advanced
     user (A)gent                 : Lynx/2.5FM  libwww-FM/2.14

My questions I guess boil down to two things
1. Why does the output of comments not work properly in the default
config for the program in the new releases. The output that
I get shows nothing in the way of proper indentation at all but just
a long list of comments that you visually can't attach to anything
2. Is there a way to fix this to work the same way that other browsers render it
properly in nested mode. I also find it interesting that this could be fouling 
up in a new product compared to an old one.
If anyone is interested in the code I got it's from the recent poll at and the first comment and the first response to the 
first comment.

The options that I use for compiliation (that are from the options menu are 

                                              Options Menu (Lynx
Version 2.8.2rel.1)

                            [1]Accept Changes - [2]Reset Changes Left
Arrow cancels changes [3]HELP!

                                                  Save options to
disk: [4][ ]

  Personal Preferences
  Cookies                          : [5][(2)__ask user__]
  Editor                           :
  Emacs keys                       : [7][(1)__OFF]
  Keypad mode                      : [8][(3)__Links and form fields
are numbered]
  Line edit style                  : [9][(1)__Default Binding___]
  Personal mail address            :
  Searching type                   : [11][(1)__Case insensitive]
  Show color                       : [12][(3)__ON____]
  Show cursor                      : [13][(2)__ON_]
  User mode                        : [14][(3)__Advanced____]
  VI keys                          : [15][(1)__OFF]
  Display character set            : [16][(1)__Western
  X Display                        :

  Document Layout
  Assumed document character set   : [18][(1)__iso-8859-1______]
  Raw 8-bit                        : [19][(2)__ON_]
  HTML error recovery              : [20][(2)__strict (SortaSGML
  Popups for select fields         : [21][(2)__ON_]
  Show images                      : [22][(2)__as labels]
  Verbose images                   : [23][(2)__show filename]

  Bookmark Options
  Multi-bookmarks                  : [24][(1)__OFF_____]
  Bookmarks file                   :

  File Management Options
  FTP sort criteria                : [26][(1)__By Name]
  Local directory sort criteria    : [27][(3)__Mixed style______]
  Show dot files                   : [28][(2)__ON_]

  Headers transferred to remote server
  Preferred document character set :
  Preferred document language      :
  User-Agent header                : [31]Lynx/2.8.2rel.1

  Check your [32]lynx.cfg here

                               [33]Accept Changes - [34]Reset Changes
Left Arrow cancels changes

The other options are as follows::

SYSTEM_MAIL                         /usr/sbin/sendmail
ansi_varargs                        yes
baddef_remove                       no
bool_defs                           yes
c_const                             yes
c_inline                            inline
dcl_errno                           yes
dcl_sys_errlist                     yes
dcl_sys_nerr                        yes
ebcdic                              no
fionbio                             ioctl
func_SLtt_get_screen_size           no
func___argz_count                   yes
func___argz_next                    yes
func___argz_stringify               yes
func_acos                           yes
func_alloca_works                   yes
func_cuserid                        yes
func_decl_getgrgid                  yes
func_decl_getgrnam                  yes
func_decl_strstr                    yes
func_getcwd                         yes
func_getgroups                      yes
func_gethostbyname                  yes
func_gethostname                    yes
func_getpagesize                    yes
func_gettimeofday                   yes
func_gzopen                         no
func_lstat                          yes
func_mktime                         yes
func_mmap_fixed_mapped              yes
func_munmap                         yes
func_popen                          yes
func_putenv                         yes
func_readdir                        yes
func_setenv                         yes
func_setlocale                      yes
func_socket                         yes
func_stpcpy                         yes
func_strcasecmp                     yes
func_strchr                         yes
func_strerror                       yes
func_strstr                         yes
func_unsetenv                       yes
func_vfork_works                    yes
func_waitpid                        yes
have_errno                          yes
have_h_errno                        yes
have_inet_aton                      yes
have_lib_slang                      yes
have_lib_z                          yes
have_sys_errlist                    yes
have_sys_nerr                       yes
have_utmp                           yes
header_alloca_h                     yes
header_argz_h                       yes
header_dirent_dirent_h              yes
header_fcntl_h                      yes
header_intl                         intl/libintl.h
header_libgt                        intl/libgettext.h
header_limits_h                     yes
header_locale_h                     yes
header_malloc_h                     yes
header_nl_types_h                   yes
header_stdarg_h                     yes
header_stdc                         yes
header_stdlib_h                     yes
                Configuration Definitions (p2 of 4)
header_string_h                     yes
header_sys_fcntl_h                  yes
header_sys_filio_h                  no
header_sys_ioctl_h                  yes
header_sys_param_h                  yes
header_sys_time_h                   yes
header_sys_wait_h                   yes
header_termio_h                     yes
header_sys_wait_h                   yes
header_termio_h                     yes
header_termios_h                    yes
header_time                         yes
header_unistd_h                     yes
header_values_h                     yes
header_varargs_h                    yes
header_vfork_h                      no
lib_curses_initscr                  yes
lib_dir_opendir                     no
lib_inet                            no
lib_m_acos                          yes
lib_termcap_tgoto                   no
lib_termlib_tgoto                   no
lib_termlib_tigetstr                no
locale                              yes
ncurses_header                      curses.h
ngroups                             yes
path_BZIP2                          /usr/bin/bzip2
path_CHMOD                          /bin/chmod
path_COMPRESS                       compress
path_COPY                           /bin/cp
path_GZIP                           /bin/gzip
path_MKDIR                          /bin/mkdir
path_MV                             /bin/mv
path_RLOGIN                         /usr/bin/rlogin
path_RM                             /bin/rm
path_TAR                            /bin/tar
path_TELNET                         telnet
path_TN3270                         tn3270
path_TOUCH                          /usr/bin/touch
path_UNCOMPRESS                     /bin/gunzip
path_UNZIP                          /usr/bin/unzip
path_UUDECODE                       /usr/bin/uudecode
path_ZCAT                           /bin/zcat
path_ZIP                            /usr/bin/zip
path_install                        '/usr/bin/install -c'
prog_CC                             gcc
prog_CPP                            'gcc -E'
prog_RANLIB                         ranlib
prog_cc_cross                       no
prog_cc_g                           yes
prog_cc_works                       yes
prog_gcc                            yes
prog_make_make_set                  yes
screen                              slang
slang_header                        predefined
system_mail_flags                   '-t -oi'
system_name                         linux-gnu
termio_and_curses                   yes
termio_and_termios                  yes
termlib                             termcap
type_getgroups                      gid_t
type_mode_t                         yes
type_off_t                          yes
type_pid_t                          yes
type_size_t                         yes
type_uid_t                          yes
type_unionwait                      no
use_libsocks5                       no
use_libsocks                        no
val_LC_MESSAGES                     yes

The following data were used as automatically-configured compile-time
definitions when this copy of Lynx was built.

ANSI_VARARGS                        1
BZIP2_PATH                          "/usr/bin/bzip2"
CHMOD_PATH                          "/bin/chmod"
COMPRESS_PATH                       "compress"
                Configuration Definitions (p3 of 4)
COPY_PATH                           "/bin/cp"
DIRED_SUPPORT                       1
DISP_PARTIAL                        1
EXEC_LINKS                          1
EXEC_LINKS                          1
EXEC_SCRIPTS                        1
EXP_ALT_BINDINGS                    1
GETGROUPS_T                         gid_t
GZIP_PATH                           "/bin/gzip"
HAVE_ALLOCA                         1
HAVE_ALLOCA_H                       1
HAVE_ARGZ_H                         1
HAVE_CUSERID                        1
HAVE_DIRENT_H                       1
HAVE_FCNTL_H                        1
HAVE_GETCWD                         1
HAVE_GETGROUPS                      1
HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY                   1
HAVE_H_ERRNO                        1
HAVE_INET_ATON                      1
HAVE_LC_MESSAGES                    1
HAVE_LIMITS_H                       1
HAVE_LOCALE_H                       1
HAVE_LSTAT                          1
HAVE_MALLOC_H                       1
HAVE_MMAP                           1
HAVE_MUNMAP                         1
HAVE_NL_TYPES_H                     1
HAVE_POPEN                          1
HAVE_PUTENV                         1
HAVE_READDIR                        1
HAVE_SETENV                         1
HAVE_SETLOCALE                      1
HAVE_STDARG_H                       1
HAVE_STDLIB_H                       1
HAVE_STPCPY                         1
HAVE_STRCASECMP                     1
HAVE_STRCHR                         1
HAVE_STRERROR                       1
HAVE_STRING_H                       1
HAVE_SYS_FCNTL_H                    1
HAVE_SYS_IOCTL_H                    1
HAVE_SYS_PARAM_H                    1
HAVE_SYS_WAIT_H                     1
HAVE_TERMIOS_H                      1
HAVE_TERMIO_H                       1
HAVE_UNISTD_H                       1
HAVE_UNSETENV                       1
HAVE_UTMP                           1
HAVE_VALUES_H                       1
HAVE_VARARGS_H                      1
HAVE_WAITPID                        1
HAVE___ARGZ_COUNT                   1
HAVE___ARGZ_NEXT                    1
HAVE___ARGZ_STRINGIFY               1
INSTALL_PATH                        "/usr/bin/install -c"
LOCALE                              1
LONG_LIST                           1
LYNXCGI_LINKS                       1
LYNX_CFG_FILE                       "/etc/lynx.cfg"
LYNX_CFG_H                          1
MKDIR_PATH                          "/bin/mkdir"
MV_PATH                             "/bin/mv"
NSL_FORK                            1
OK_GZIP                             1
OK_OVERRIDE                         1
OK_PERMIT                           1
OK_TAR                              1
OK_UUDECODE                         1
OK_ZIP                              1
RLOGIN_PATH                         "/usr/bin/rlogin"
RM_PATH                             "/bin/rm"
STDC_HEADERS                        1
SYSTEM_MAIL                         "/usr/sbin/sendmail"
SYSTEM_MAIL_FLAGS                   "-t -oi"
SYSTEM_NAME                         "linux-gnu"
TAR_PATH                            "/bin/tar"
TELNET_PATH                         "telnet"
TERMIO_AND_CURSES                   1
TN3270_PATH                         "tn3270"
TERMIO_AND_CURSES                   1
TN3270_PATH                         "tn3270"
TOUCH_PATH                          "/usr/bin/touch"
UNCOMPRESS_PATH                     "/bin/gunzip"
UNIX                                1
UNZIP_PATH                          "/usr/bin/unzip"
USE_EXTERNALS                       1
USE_SLANG                           1
USE_ZLIB                            1
UUDECODE_PATH                       "/usr/bin/uudecode"
ZCAT_PATH                           "/bin/zcat"
ZIP_PATH                            "/usr/bin/zip"
lstat                               stat


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