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Re: lynx-dev LYNX: sometimes need <br><br> to generate blank line

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev LYNX: sometimes need <br><br> to generate blank line
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 10:44:31 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 24 May 2000, David Combs wrote:

> So I switched the "#", getting "TRUE":
>   1061  .h2 COLLAPSE_BR_TAGS
>   1062  # If COLLAPSE_BR_TAGS is set FALSE, Lynx will not collapse serial BR 
> tags.
>   1063  # If set TRUE, two or more concurrent BRs will be collapsed into a 
> single
>   1064  # line break.  Note that the valid way to insert extra blank lines in 
>   1065  # is via a PRE block with only newlines in the block.
>   1066  #
> And then run a 2nd lynx on that site,

Tried it; COLLAPSE_BR_TAGS has the expected effect.

> did a p in each one, one to t1 and the other to t2, and
> did a diff, and no difference at all.
> That comment about collapse doesn't say what the EFFECT
> is SUPPOSED to be when you switch from true to false
> and back.  Isn't a break a break is breakBreakBreak? --

Propose a better text (after you understand what the option does),
if you feel you can make it clearer.

> well, I just ordered, at 45% off (bookpool is having 45% off
> sale on ALL O'Reilly books)  its thick 3rd ed book on html.
> Also, would be nice if that comment would actually
> give me an example of actual code to generate
> a blank line.  (The "pre" followed by block of
> newlines -- a bit confusing for non-htmlers!).
> Anyway, the screen doesn't look like I want it to.
> Also, this page:

Tried it; COLLAPSE_BR_TAGS has the expected effect.

> Go there and just go down the list, looking several --
> they all (well, at least the first few, maybe all)
> have the same problem -- all squished together.
> Please, go look at it, and then tell us what you saw,
> and look at the html too, and lets all talk about
> some kludge for lynx that will (optionally) make such
> pages easily readible [...]

Guess what - it's already there.

Seems to me you have several lynx.cfg files and are changing the
wrong one.


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