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Re: lynx-dev Superscripts

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Superscripts
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 11:25:03 +0900 (JST)

>    <>.
> You'll have to set Assumed document character set to utf-8, since
> the mailing list archive loses the charset information of mail
> messages.
> Henry, if you are reading, this (and other lynx-dev archive messages)
> is also a good example where, with a Japanese display character set, you
> would have to toggle Raw/CJK.  In this case, in addition to setting
[The real reason I don't, however, is that unless I am behind a cacheing
server, I would have to re-fetch the message, which in most cases is not
worth the overhead.  Another "discovery" is that the convenience of having
the CJK/Raw toggle on the Forms O)ption Menu became apparent to me: if only
a @-key toggle, you'd have to at least momentarily begin a re-fetch to do
the toggle before doing the assumed charset change.]

> assumed charset to utf-8.

THANK YOU, Klaus, for this tip.  Now I know exactly what you have been
saying all this time.  -- If I can only keep it in mind when I hit a page
like this in the future!

Just to be sure I did what is expected, here is a paragraph for
comparison from files saved with the P)rint Save file to disk function:
| <p>
| Iam oni anka鏑 konsideras la "rigore pozitivan" lingvoiteracion
| <p align="center">L<sup>+</sup> = L + L族 + L続 + ...
| </p>(angle <i lang="en">Kleene plus</i>).

(I "see" the "au", "^2" and "^3" in the rendering below as bogus kanji
 when viewed as CJK.)

| <p>
| Iam oni ankau konsideras la "rigore pozitivan" lingvoiteracion
| <p align="center">L<sup>+</sup> = L + L^2 + L^3 + ...
| </p>(angle <i lang="en">Kleene plus</i>).

And I have been looking for ages for an easy way to do this conversion!
Been staring me in the face all these years.


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