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Re: lynx-dev Could SSL (moudlo Open=SSL) become mainstream?

From: David Woolley
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Could SSL (moudlo Open=SSL) become mainstream?
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 08:49:14 +0100 (BST)

> Yup, I see it could be difficilt... although the reasons are a bit different 
> IMHO. AFAIK lynx SSL does not contain any crypto stuff itself so there is no 
> way it can viokate th RSA or any ther crypto patent itelf.

Most people who have problems with SSL Lynx mean a binary version, which
does include the RSA library.  It's probably true that there is no
problem with the Lynx code having SSL hooks now, but then it wasn't
difficult to get the instructions/patches for this anyway, if you were
a non-plug and play user.

> OpenSSL is *BSD s/Bekley/Eric Young/, which is presumably a more serious 
> problem. Mixtures of *BSD and GPL componets are a well known probem---owuld a 

The only real problem is the advertising clause, and that is mainly used by
anti-GPL people.  The reality is that I am not aware of anyone who has had
real legal problems as a result of the conflict (IANAL).

> time code. Install a sharable version of openssl

Although the FSF position seems unstable, they currently consider dynamic
linking to be the same as static linking, and are basically trying to 
clamp down on attempts to find loop-holes in the derived work rules.

> issued >=1992 in both Europe and the US). There have been several positions 
> wrt PGP in a commercial environment (this was in the days when no commercial 
> versions where avaialble outside the USA and Canada),

Again, IANAL, but I think the PGP issue is actually a case of fear
uncertainty and doubt.  Generally, in spite of US attempts to change
laws to the contrary, software patents are not valid in the EEC.
Note, though, that current versions of PGP are not GPL and use in the
EEC for commercial purposes violates the copyright licence.

I know that there are certain vociferous people who claim that they
have obtained UK software patents, so I'd reluctantly have to suggest
consulting a lawyer, remembering that most patent law experts have 
an interest in more things being patentable.

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