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Re: Dead Links at

From: pAb-032871
Subject: Re: Dead Links at
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 05:12:31 -0700

In "Dead Links at";
[24/Jul/2000 Mon 03:21:33]
I wrote:

> Something I've noticed at
> In short, any URL starting with;
> should be updated to;
>[same PATH]

Fixed and attached.  See below.

> It seems the directory structure of the site has remained identical,
> so only the server part needs changing.
> I'd be happy to update these URLs in the Lynx documentation itself,

Looks like someone beat me to it, quite a while ago too.


2000-04-13 (2.8.3pre.5)
* fix printing of Last-Modified field in downloaded/printed source -LP
* update URL for RFC 1942 -LV, DK
* update Subir Grewal's Lynx links URL to the newest location -LV, TD
* move assignment to donelookup in LYGetHostByName() to avoid race with
  CreateThread() -Alexei Anatski

The only example of I could find was in CHANGES2.7,
and it seemed appropriate there.

Here's a quick-fix for :


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