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Shell (was: Re: lynx-dev More discussion about javascript)

From: pAb-032871
Subject: Shell (was: Re: lynx-dev More discussion about javascript)
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 00:17:17 -0700

In "Re: lynx-dev More discussion about javascript"
[27/Jul/2000 Thu 21:29:58]
David Combs wrote:

> Now for the ":-(".  Netcom/Mindspring/Earthlink today notified all
> us shell users that they will discontinue shell accts as of 30sep00.
> Anyone know of any decent places with shell-accounts?
> Maybe with broad network of phone numbers.

Found a LOT of possible ones here:

Search results page, 1st of 3.  Yes, it's a very long URL, so
try not to copy it in wrapped form if you can avoid it.  Hope
at least one of these helps.

> If not, well, I am just outside of New York City, about
> 20 miles north (New Rochelle, NY).
> Feeling rather low right now.   WAAAAAA!  I don't WANT to
> go-GUI!  

Yes, sorry to hear about your lost shell.

Since Lynx is ported to DOS/Windows, are there others?  Vi?  Tin?
Using a local DOS shell might be a viable alterative [or installing
Linux if you really want to take the plunge].  Sorry, I'm on a
Mac, so this is all a bit outside my field.  FreeBSD has stable
kerels and booters that will run on Macs, but I wouldn't know
where to start.

This might help [a korn shell for DOS is mentioned]:

   Linkname: The FDISK.COM DOS Internet Pages

> Without shell acct, TRN will be FAR less nice; right now,
> trn runs on the isp's computer, and has instant access to
> the news-database.
> David


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