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Re: lynx-dev Problem with installing lynx 2.8.3, pls help

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Problem with installing lynx 2.8.3, pls help
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 14:22:34 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Fiber McGee wrote:

> The message below from address@hidden
> was forwarded by the list moderator.
> >Hello,
> >      My name is Sharudin, systems analyst at the Asia-Pacific Economic
> >Cooperation Secretariat in Singapore. I'm quite a newbie in Unix, so please
> >bear with me if this problem that I'm seeking advice on, is a trivial
> >matter.

See <>
for info subscribing to the mailing list, which is recommended
at least temporarily.
And please, turn sending of HTML mail off in your mail client.

> >       I'm emailing to seek advice on the problem I encounter while trying to
> >install lynx 2.8.3 on my Redhat Linux 6.2 machine.
[ some details snipped]
> >       I've downloaded the lynx 2.8.3 from,
> >unzipped the files in my home directory (/home/din/lynx) and tried the
> >installation.
> >
> >       Prior to installing the lynx 2.8.3, the Redhat Linux has lynx 2.8.2
> >installed. I was able to create the makefile, ie, running ./configure does
> >not give any problem. While running make, I got this error msg:
  [ ... ]
> >In file included from /usr/include/ucontext.h:27,
  [ ... ]
> >/usr/include/sys/ucontext.h:74: warning: `ERR' redefined
  [ ... ]

This looks like the error that is described at the end of the
PROBLEMS file.  See there for suggested workaround or solution.

> >      I'm hoping that you could also help me on another issue. You see, I've
> >wrote a Perl script to dig through all my web documents (from command line)
> >and check for any broken links. I used lynx to test for each and every link.
> >The problem is, there are some sites that lynx kept retrying for 180,000
> >times, before it gave up. Are there any way that I can reduce this number or
> >any way I can set a timout?

Options for this are available now IIRC, maybe only in
the development code after 2.8.3 - see <>.
Check the CHANGES files from there as well as from
<>, look for "timeout" or similar,
and check comments in your lynx.cfg,  to make sure it's there.


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