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lynx-dev Re: Searching for info about lynx accomodation of javascript

From: Michael Warner
Subject: lynx-dev Re: Searching for info about lynx accomodation of javascript
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 18:06:50 -0800
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On or about 12 Jan, 2001, Larry W. Virden
<address@hidden> wrote:

> From: Patrick <address@hidden>
> > It's all the <br> tags embedded in the <A> .  It reads the first
> > ">" character as the end of the tag, and begins rendering what's
> > left over as visible text.  The other BRs are treated as normal
> > tags.
> But SHOULD it read a < or > within  quotes as the end of the tag?  If so,
> then what should be used to be assured that the text gets broken at
> those spots?

What's your SOFT_DQUOTES setting in lynx.cfg?

# If SOFT_DQUOTES is TRUE, Lynx will emulate the invalid behavior of
# treating '>' as a co-terminator of a double-quoted attribute value
# and the tag which contains it, as was done in old versions of Netscape
# and Mosaic.  The compilation default is FALSE.
# The compilation default, or default defined here, can be toggled via
# a "-soft_dquotes" command line switch.

I just checked, and toggling via `"' keystroke gave the behavior
you noticed.  The compilation default gives valid behavior (if
you agree with the lynx.cfg comment) and cures the problem you
noticed.  Hence, I'd hold lynx blameless, and figure anyone who
messed with that setting brought the broken display on
him/herself.  :)

Michael Warner   <address@hidden>
   "An asylum, a makeshift stage, an audience of madmen and voyeurs,
    a cast of lunatics: The essence of the theater restored at last."
                                                     -- Maurice Lever

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