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lynx-dev the Javascript Monster strikes again

From: Martin McCormick
Subject: lynx-dev the Javascript Monster strikes again
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 14:45:36 -0500

        I recently bought a small and very sharp-looking 7-port
Ethernet switch, router and dhcp server designed for the home
or for a small office.  The user interface for configuring the
router is a web-based engine and it looks at first that lynx
users would have no trouble at all in setting it up.  After all,
one just needs to enter a few IP addresses and setup parameters.

        In fact, one can use lynx to type in every single piece
of information needed on the two most critical screens in the
device, but the weird thing is that the only way out of the page
is an undo button.

        I beat on that thing for about 8 or 9 hours all together,
trying different ways to sneak up on those pages, just figuring I
had accidentally set something that locked me out of setting
other parameters, but finally, I used lynx to dump the source.
There was no mystery after that.

<html><script language=JavaScript
Apply ' onClick=ValidOnePageIP(this.form)> <input type=reset value=' 
Undo '> <input type=button value=' Help ' onClick={'HelpBasic.
$htm','Help' and so on and so forth.

        What was really strange was that two other pages work
fine with lynx.  Those clowns had undo buttons that worked with
lynx and Apply buttons that simply never appeared on the screen
because they were totally javascript.

        I am so glad that lynx makes it easy to dump source in
times like this.

        I sent a message to the Tech Support folks at the company
who built this router and explained how this reduces the utility
of an otherwise great piece of equipment.  I am sure it will do a
fat lot of good.

Martin McCormick

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