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lynx-dev more javascript questions, Any Port in a Storm

From: Martin McCormick
Subject: lynx-dev more javascript questions, Any Port in a Storm
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 14:27:22 -0500

        I am the one who wrote the post about the javascript
monster striking again.

        Several people have mentioned the possibility of writing
a proxy agent that one would log in to under lynx and then enter
an url to a problem web site with the proxy serving as a
translator to turn javascript in to html links and the client's
return key hits in to click responses.

        Since the little network device I bought allows one to
enter data normally on the form and only uses the onclick to
submit, I thought this might be a good starting point.

        First, what does the browser send out to the server when
the customer clicks a mouse button?

        Would there be any way to cause lynx to simply push that
string back to the server so it would go ahead and submit?

        Finally, is there any code around that I could look at to
get started on the proxy?  What I picture is logging in to a web
page with one link in to which you type the url of the javascript
site that is causing the problem.  The proxy translates anything
it can in to standard html and passes already-working html right
on through to lynx.

        If the operator hits enter on a javascript link, the
proxy sends a click string back to the server.

        On this rather simple web page where the JS is the Submit
button, I think I could shoe-horn a click string back to the
server and it would be happy and I would be extatic.

Martin McCormick

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