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Re: lynx-dev How to Lynx

From: David Woolley
Subject: Re: lynx-dev How to Lynx
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 23:26:18 +0100 (BST)

 > Did you really send the message to the list, or was it sent to "Fiber

Yes.  I have to go rather out of my way to do otherwise, which is
why reply-to: list is incompatible with un-subscribed posting**.  Other
regulars, on the same thread, seem to have been intercepted as well.

address@hidden:~# grep 'address@hidden' /var/adm/messages

I believe this is the actual outbound for the message in question:

Apr  1 22:56:58 djwhome sendmail[2376]: g31Lutj02374: address@hidden, 
ctladdr=david (501/100), delay=00:00:03, xdelay=00:00:03, mailer=esmtp, 
pri=31135, [], dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent 
(OK id=16s9lD-0004eG-00)

 > McGee"? I don't believe that this is a moderated list. Who is going to

Nearly== all majordomo lists are moderated if they trip various special
rules, e.g. oversize, look like they should have been sent to the request
address, etc.  An earlier reponse hinted that there is also spam filtering
imposed on top of the list software, although it could be done by special
configuration of that software.  I'm wondering if b l u e y o n d e r .
c o . u k has been blacklisted for some reason and is being picked up
in the body.

 > spend the time to do the moderation? Do you really see a significant

Fiber seems to have been half moderating half the messages in the last
day!  (Half, because properly moderated messages would be posted with
the original headers and a password (stripped by the list software) so
that they almost indistinguishable from normal messages.##)

 > problem? I only see an occasional message for help coming from a
 > non-subscriber.

I'm not actually convinced, any longer, that this request cam from
a non-subscriber.  I think something in the message has tripped a
spam or administrivia filter.

** Whenever reply to list comes up on any list it always polarises
the list.  For a technically sophisticated, mainly Unix list it can
work reasonably well, but with corporate PC systems you need very
good administrivia filter rules (of the type mentioned above) to
avoid a storm of while you were out messages on the list proper
(rather than simply mailbombing the individual contributors).

However, I would say a pre-requesite was that posting should only
be permitted from subscribers, otherwise it is just too easy to
forget to copy the original party.

## In Majordomo, which almost certainly is in use here:

 > Received: from majordom by with local
 >         id 16sJZf-0006RC-00; Tue, 02 Apr 2002 08:23:27 +0000

there are two ways of doing this.  For people with good technical tools,
they can simply read in the complete original message, add in the password
header and submit it directly to the low level mail transport interface
(usually found as /usr/lib/sendmail on Unix systems, even when the tranport
isn't actually Berkeley sendmail).

For people with more restricted email clients, you can post the message,
preceded by the password header, in the body of the message.  Majordomo
will give you all the inbound headers in the body of the message reporting
the rejection; if a separate spam filter has done, it you will have to
recover the headers by whatever means is available.

I've sent the Majordomo list owner instructions direct, under separate cover.

== You don't have to let Majordomo touch the actual mail, but you need to
have something there if you want to add reply-to headers or footers saying
how to get off the list.  Any big list also needs administrivia filters.

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