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lynx-dev Neat EMACS feature would speed LYNX usage

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev Neat EMACS feature would speed LYNX usage
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 06:02:46 -0400
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As many people on this lynx-dev list already
know, EMACS enables you to associate a 
single-char name (a "register's" name, eg a b c d ...)
a location in a given buffer.

(Emacs allows you to have *lots* of "buffers"
(I have about 540 of them in my stays-up-all-the-time
emacs), (99% of them usually holding a disk-file you've
been looking-at or editiong).

What's neat about them is that if you assign to some
register a position within eg foo.txt, via doing

      Control-x   forward-slash    x

, and then go on to editing or doing other things,
at any time you want, eg right now or three days
from now, do this:

    Control-x   j    x

and *instantly* that buffer, foo.txt, appears on screen,
with your cursor at the exact place it had been
at when you originally *set* s.


Often times in lynx you will "snake out" from some
page that you'll want to *quickly* come back to
so that you can snake out via a different link.

Of course, you can do via the history-list (basically,
a "stack" of the pages you've snaked-out from and
haven't yet "backed up *through* (and therefore
popped at least that stack-instance of the page off
the stack).

So, you can always hit back-space, producing
the history-list (stack, actually, sort of),
scan your enes down the list, find where
you want to go, and then choose that item --
and right instantly, you're back at that page.

(And if you *have* already backed up *through*
that page, you can still, via the "V" command,
see all the page-addrs you been to during this
entire trn-session.)


But wouldn't it be FAR FASTER to simply
have assigned, say, x to some position in
foo.txt, and then via some super-quick-to-do
command, eg ":gx", and you're there!


Unless everyone finds this idea completely
worthless, please add it to some (official)
"to-do" list.


David Combs

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