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lynx-dev color OFF does not work with slang

From: Sean McGuire
Subject: lynx-dev color OFF does not work with slang
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 16:20:54 -0500

I have a problem that I hope someone here can help me with.

I have compiled both lynx2.8.5dev.9 and 2.8.4 --with-screen=slang
and --enable-default-colors for i386 3.0 Debian Linux (kernel 2.4.18); I
have tried both slang-1.4.4 and slang-1.4.6.

Whenever the "Show color" option is set to OFF using the options screen, the
display refreshes with/changes to color, no matter what the terminal type.
This results in color activating just by visiting the options page and
choosing "Accept Changes".  The color can be forced off with the NEVER
option.  Using the -nocolor command line option starts the application in
monochrome, but exhibits the same problem when visiting the Options page.

Since -anonymous mode only allows ON or OFF, this results in -anonymous
users getting color every time they change ANY option, rendering their
monochrome terminals unuseable (no bold differentiation or prompt).  Even
when using VT100, the program starts with the "Show color" option off and
working correctly; however, whenever any option is changed, colors are

I have tried this with ncurses and it behaves correctly, but slang renders
better for me on a variety of terminals.

Is this behavior by design or a bug?  Is there a new config setting I should
set to allow OFF to actually work?  Version 2.8.3 worked as I expected.  Any
ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx for your help,
Sean McGuire

checking for screen type... (cached) slang
checking for slang header file... (cached) predefined
(cached) checking for acos... (cached) yes
checking for SLtt_get_screen_size... (cached) no
checking for SLtt_get_screen_size in -lslang... yes
checking if we can link slang without termcap... yes
checking if we must tell slang this is UNIX... (cached) no

checking if color-style code should be used... no
checking if you want to use default-colors... yes

checking if new-style forms-based options screen should be used... yes

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