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Re: lynx-dev 2.8.5dev.11 using too much RAM

From: Bela Lubkin
Subject: Re: lynx-dev 2.8.5dev.11 using too much RAM
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 15:42:40 -0800

Frederic L. W. Meunier wrote:

> * work around defect in move_anchors_in_region() and related
> logic by changing default for nested-tables to FALSE when Lynx
> is not configured for color-style.  The problem is that when an
> anchor is shifted right by nested-table logic, if it has a <BR>
> near the beginning of a table cell and it happens to be split
> across a line, its size will not be adjusted properly (report
> by Hataguchi Takeshi) -TD

... apparently quoting TD.  

I hadn't noticed this before.  Hoping it's just temporary until the
underlying bug is fixed...


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