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Re: lynx-dev anyone using "printer attached to your vt100 terminal" feat

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev anyone using "printer attached to your vt100 terminal" feature?
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 12:21:44 +0900 (JST)

> > So you'd put "mc5=\E[5i", "mc4=\E[4i" and "mc0=<WHAT GOES HERE?>" in
> > your terminfo description file and run `tic' on it?
> yes - for Solaris, etc.
>        print_screen              mc0    ps   print contents of
>                                              screen
>        prtr_off                  mc4    pf   turn off printer
>        prtr_on                   mc5    po   turn on printer
> screen's documentation only mentions the last two (pf/po).  It probably
> filters out the mc0.

Many thanks to Tom.
Confirmation for the archives: just add "mc5=\E[5i, mc4=\E[4i" to your
terminfo description file and compile it with tic.  There is no need to
mention "mc0."  I haven't tested, but it should work for an all termcap
system as well.  (It may have been a syntax error on my part, but I was
not able to get screen to read in the extra capability via .screenrc).
For TeraTerm lovers, I'll add that if you go into the [Setup]-[Font]
menu and change your settings for font and size BEFORE executing "print
to attached printer," you can print in any font and size available on
your system.  I can confirm that you can print in character sets that
your font supports, e.g., if you have a cjk font you can print Japanese
no sweat.  Since TeraTerm brings up the standard Windows print option
menu, you can print to and communicate with any printer (even fax)
registered.  For the brave at heart (well, actually if you just have the
time), you might be able to do bold and/or italics attributes if your font
handles it; maybe even color if you have a color printer.  (If someone does
venture into these areas, please report successes and failures.  TIA)


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