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Re: lynx-dev HEADS UP! not just spam, now viruses

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev HEADS UP! not just spam, now viruses
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 20:11:14 -0500
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On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 07:14:15PM -0300, Fr?d?ric L. W. Meunier wrote:
> And while we're at it, who is the responsible for the FLORA
> archives ? I don't know how many lynx-dev archives exist, but
> FLORA could take some measures to protect our e-mail addresses.
> Not to mention the archives are a mess with all spams archived.

that's done by 1-2 of the people who are on the list-elves mailing list.
all things considered, it might be better to change lynx-dev to a
subscribers-only list and not archive the other stuff - but that
route doesn't seem to be considered.

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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