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lynx-dev Lynx help site is now a porn site

From: Avi Green
Subject: lynx-dev Lynx help site is now a porn site
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 18:13:11 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Lynx developers,

You may be aware that, the domain that's been used for
hosting the Lynx help files for so long, was abandoned by Subir Grewal
earlier this year.  In late June, the domain name was snapped up by
a "domain retriever"; it now redirects to "", a porn site
(note the similarity to "").

So now, in all the public/stable release versions of Lynx (i.e.
everying up to and including 2.8.4), when a Lynx user presses "h",
instead of loading the real help page, it brings up the Porn site

This can be overridden by changing the HELPFILE setting in lynx.cfg
(or by changing the HELPFILE settings in the source code and then
rebuilding), but it would be awesomely difficult to publish that
information to the entire community of people who need to know.

What bothers me is not so much that users will be getting a porn site
as that novices won't have access to the Lynx help.  Some of them may
be able to search for help online, but this is imposing a significant
burden on kiosk users who've never used Lynx before and were just
using it to look something up in the first place!

At a very minimum, all the Lynx distribution and help sites should be
notified so they don't refer to trill-home any more, and any sites
offering downloads of previous versions should provide a warning.

I searched all over the net (and in lynx-dev) but was unable to find
any mention of this problem, so perhaps the Lynx development community
wasn't yet aware of it.  If so, this is my gift back to you.

Thanks for all your hard work,

p.s.  I'm not a regular contributor to lynx-dev, so I'd appreciate if
      you'd CC to me any responses you send to the list.  Thanks!

Avi Green <address@hidden>   <address@hidden>

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