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Re: [Lynx-dev] Unicode display problem

From: purslow
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] Unicode display problem
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 17:50:55 -0400
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040628 Thomas Dickey wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 03:06:04PM -0400, address@hidden wrote:
>> i've been testing how far i can use Unicode for Ancient Greek & Esperanto.
>> one thing i've found is that -- following instructions --
>> only some of the characters appear with Lynx.  my test file is attached.
>> on Gentoo Linux + Lynx 2.8.5dev16, i created a virtual terminal via
> of course 2.8.5dev.16 is rather old (more than a year).
> But the underlying version of ncurses is more important.
> If it's not the wide-character configuration of ncurses,
> your results won't be as good.

all Gentoo has to offer is :

      Latest version available: 5.4-r1
      Latest version installed: 5.4-r1
      Size of downloaded files: 2,103 kB
      Description: Linux console display library

>> further, in the test file obtained via Lynx help (Options menu),
> are you talking about setting display character set to something?

no: if you do  'o' [3] [9] [36] , you get a test file.

>> i can see only  00A9 03BB 042E 043B , but none of the others.
> Fonts can be a problem.  Checking, I see the characters using
> *VT100*font5: -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--18-120-100-100-c-90-iso10646-1

that's what i specified (at least, the part after the ':').

> *VT100*font6: -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--20-200-75-75-c-100-iso10646-1
> While the latter is more readable, I've found that it isn't as complete.

same effect.  do you see all  24  Greek letters in my own test file ?

> But for this example, either works (for me - using ncursesw).

i can't find anything like 'ncursesw' on my system.
> Perhaps one of these:
>       a) using slang or ncurses rather than ncursesw
>       b) using an older version (?) of the fonts
>       c) using an older version of ncursesw
>        5.4 is recommended - best results with the rollup patch from April

below is my configure command (edited to split lines):

  ./configure --with-screen=ncurses --disable-menu-options 
   --enable-default-colors --enable-prettysrc --enable-read-eta
   --enable-source-cache --enable-externs --enable-cgi-links
   --enable-nsl-fork --disable-persistent-cookies --enable-gzip-help
   --disable-finger --disable-gopher --disable-dired --disable-long-list

so perhaps the next step is to install the latest 'dev' version of Lynx
& see how that performs.  do you have any other thoughts out of the above ?

thanx so far (smile).

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