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Re: [Lynx-dev] how to maximize client area???, etc.

From: Chuck Martin
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] how to maximize client area???, etc.
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 03:21:11 -0500
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I was going to reply to this last night, but I ran out of time.  I
apologize for the belated response.

On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 12:01:43PM -0600, address@hidden wrote:
> You write "default", and that implys options, which you here disdain.

No it doesn't.  They can be changed in the src/DefaultStyle.c before

I don't have a problem with options, anyway.  I just feel that in this
case, that is the wrong way to go about it.  I believe a better way to
do this would be to implement some sort of style sheets into Lynx,
preferably with the ability to assign separate style sheets to individual
domains or even specific URLs, so that you could create a style sheet
custom tailored for a site after visiting it to determine what format
was best for that site, and a default style sheet to be used for all
sites that didn't have custom style sheets.

> It is presumptous to suppose that all Lynx-users hav all those lovely
> Unix-kind programs--I hav not.

I believe they are available for Windows (for free?).  You installed,
Lynx; you could also install the utilities needed to do the things
you want with Lynx that are better done outside of Lynx.  Those
utilities would be very useful even apart from Lynx, too.

> If there are headers to scan!  I seldom see them, and most that I
> do serve the purpose of TITLE.

I see them quite often, so I don't know why you don't.  Most of the
pages I see that don't use them also do a lot of other things that
make them difficult to view with Lynx, like use graphics for everything,
including text.

>                                 As for "man"-pages, they are based
> on the printed form, and there margins are less precious than on
> the text-screen.

No, man pages are more often viewed online than printed out.  I think
I've only ever printed out one man page, but I've probably viewed
hundreds, many of them multiple times.  They also generally have an
indent of about seven spaces for everything but headers, as opposed
to the three in Lynx.  They also have a much larger right margin than
Lynx.  I really doubt that removing three spaces from the beginning of
each line is going to change the word wrap enough to add more that three
or four words to any given screenful of text, anyway.  Maybe I'll have
to try it to find out.

> Now, too, I suggest the form of the option: the split between even
> & odd for heading & text is good, and also that H1 is centered.
> Therefore, I suggest in the local option file, or on the
> command-line, some this-like thing, maybe not this curt,
>       indent  h(eading,)t(ext)
> for the case that we now hav, and
>       indent  t(ext,)h(eading)
> for the case desired by me and two others.  If text is flush to
> the left, then no H1 is allowed to reach the left, however long.

As I said above, I think this would be better served by the addition
of some sort of style sheet capability.  Does everyone else who
wants to remove those three spaces want exactly what you described
above?  I doubt it.


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