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[Lynx-dev] emulating tabs in Lynx

From: purslow
Subject: [Lynx-dev] emulating tabs in Lynx
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 03:28:46 -0500
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the current-recent thread about Lynx's uses raised the question of tabs.
all the Linux GUI browsers offer tabs & Elinks makes a stab at them.
it occurred to me that one way of emulating tabs in Lynx is to use 'V',
ie running down a list of news stories -- my typical use of tabs -- ,
following each interesting link in turn, then hitting 'V'
& going to the stories individually in a natural order.

however, the problem with using this method is
that Lynx follows links sequentially,
whereas Firefox etc do it simultaneously,
so that if one of the links you want to grab is a bit slow,
the others are not delayed nor is your general reading rhythm.

so a question primarily for TD:
how difficult would it be to have Lynx follow links simultaneously
& present the results via a 'tab' page similar to the visited-links page ?
no, i don't expect TD to find time actually to do the coding (smile).

if anyone wants an example of what i mean, goto ,
go thro' the list of stories selecting those which look interesting,
then have a (quick) look at each actual story: do it with Lynx (using 'V')
& whichever of Firefox, Galeon, Konqueror, Opera you prefer (using tabs).

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