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[Lynx-dev] LYNX: new-feature?: "write out history and V-pages (html) eve

From: David Combs
Subject: [Lynx-dev] LYNX: new-feature?: "write out history and V-pages (html) every minute"
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 01:19:00 -0400
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.10i

When I use lynx, all too often after I've
been traversing the net a la depth-first-search
(don't we all?), and I have all this history etc
built up, then something horrible happens:

 .  perhaps lynx crashes due to some wierd site

 .  or because I hit the wrong key (especially
      when tired, eg "q" and then <return> automatically,
      knee-jerk, before that "are you sure?" registers
      in my head (eg using mutt, one is *always* giving
      the "q" command to return to prior level).)

 .  or, more likely, because I usually browse the
      net via my shell-account in my isp (just like in
      old "time-sharing" (1966 or so up thru 1982, when lotus 123
      came out and killed the industry), and they
      automatically log you off if you haven'd done anything
      for 10 or 15 minutes --

      which can happen if someone calls you away for
      "just a minute or two" ...

Sure would be nice if I could remember to write
out the html of the history-page and the V-page,
just the way I do when editing a program, ie often.

Some editors have a feature with which they
can be told to save the currently-being-edited
file or files each x-num-chars-typed, or time, etc.

Sure would be nice if Lynx had such a feature!

What it would do is, when turned on, would be
to create a uniquely-named file (date/time?) for
each of hist-page and V-page, and would every
x minutes or x changes to the two pages,
write it out.

Each separate run of lynx would keep this
stuff in unique files, so that a lynx run
today wouldn't wipe out the record from yesterday.

As extra goodie, when lynx was about to create
a new such file, it could automatically (if
enabled) delete any old record-file IF:

.  it was eg the 11th, 12th, ... newest one.


. it was NOT from today -- actually, only if it
   were from at least 3 lynx-usage days past (thus
   making it unlikely that it'd delete something
   valuable that you hadn't had time to rename).

Of course, the 10 and 3 would be user-settable.


As I always say, if the language I programmed in were
C, I'd implement this thing myself, but I'm **still**
(25 years on!) using that unknown language "Mainsail"... 

Someone, please make sure this put on the lynx wish-list.



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