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Re: [Lynx-dev] text browsing

From: Stegozor
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] text browsing
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 00:14:30 +0200

On 7/26/06, Stef Caunter <address@hidden> wrote:
But is current and quite acceptable. There is plenty of evidence
of active development and code maintenance in both the readable text and
breakout subdirectory date stamps.

Indeed, and that's how I ended up in this mailing list and why I'm
boring you right now :) . But honestly, I had to search for quite a
while. I'm rather used to mozilla website, with all its updates and so
on, so without clear information, it wasn't easy.

It's common for external links to degrade over time, but putting energy into
maintaining clean code should be preferred over website maintenance, especially
when the included and very detailed documentation is the best source of usage

Agreed. Perhaps an overhaul was a bit exaggerated but frankly I think
that some more information would be useful. A notice telling that as
of ...... (fill in) the development is still going on, and that for
more information one should have a look at the FAQs and the mailing
list archives with a link would be an acceptable compromise IMHO.
Also, patakuti's Lynx with the installer should definitely be hosted
on the main site for Windows users.

One more thing: As you may have guessed, English is not my native
tongue: in exchange, I'd gladly do my best to translate any Lynx
related file into French and/or Turkish. Just realise that you'll have
to cope with a newbie and that I'll need time. Apart from that, feel
free to send me a message if a translation would be useful. I'd be
more than pleased if I could help the project in some way.

The mailing list archives are the next best place to look when searching for
specific issues.

Right. A little question though: is this mailing list the right place
for newbie end users with their boring questions, or is there a better
place for them (and me)?

Best regards.

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