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RE: [Lynx-dev] Logging into Slashdot

From: Larson, Timothy E.
Subject: RE: [Lynx-dev] Logging into Slashdot
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 16:04:00 -0500

Andrew <> wrote:
> Is anyone able to log into Slashdot using Lynx? The site doesn't see
> me as logged in, despite the cookie being stored in the cookie jar. 
> Trying to figure out if it's a Slashdot problem, Lynx problem or my
> own system's problem... 
> ~> lynx -version
> Lynx Version 2.8.5rel.1 (04 Feb 2004)

I can log in.  You might try a newer version - your Lynx is over 4 years

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    InterCall, a division of West Corporation

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