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[Lynx-dev] program to take "printed" page (partially) back to html? (for

From: David Combs
Subject: [Lynx-dev] program to take "printed" page (partially) back to html? (for linking)
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2009 11:46:53 -0500
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Say that I've "printed" a page to a file foo.htm (my notation --
htm to me means printed by lynx, whereas .html means, well,

And I save-to-disk lots of these files, eg stuff from wikipedia
I want to scan thru at leisure, "off line" (well, off internet-connection).

"Oh -- THAT link looks interesting!  I want to go there
(after reconnecting to the internet).", say.

Currently, I'd have to grab, from the "references" stuff at
the botton of the printed page, the url associated with
that link, eg [123], then later "paste" (or maybe type-in
by hand!) into lynx.

Sure would be nicer if I could convert that .htm-file to
partial-.html, and then I could just "click" the link.


(Or, I could simply RE-display (via lynx) that SAME page
I was looking at, and then "for real" click on the link

  Of course, that would require, for ANY kind of ease,
  that that source-url OF the "printed" page be
  easily available, somehow, via the "printed" page
  I was reading through.  (But NO ONE here seems to see
  that as a useful thing for lynx to produce somewhere
  within the "printed" page!)



Anyway, you get the gist of the goal, 

eg, you download, via lynx, a bunch of "lynx-printed" files
onto your blackberry or kibble or whatever, and while 
doing a tour on a nuclear sub, or going to Mars, you want
to read the stuff, somehow noting (and somehow saving-away)
links you'd like to follow-up on, someday, when you get home, 





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