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[m17n-list] Broken: m17n devanAgarI on ibus/ uim on mint 18.3 (xfce/ cin

From: Vishvas Vasuki
Subject: [m17n-list] Broken: m17n devanAgarI on ibus/ uim on mint 18.3 (xfce/ cinnamon)
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2018 11:07:31 -0700


I am having a woeful time setting up devanAgarI typing on my new mint 18.3 machine. I've tried ibus and uim on xfce and cinnamon. My observations:

* I just can't type any devanAgarI in telegram or whatsapp windows on cinnamon + mint (used to work on telegram + cinnamon + ubuntu 17.10). But it works fine on xfce + mint.

* When I can get sa-itrans to work via ibus, space is badly inserted (on any window - xed editor, or whatsapp). for example, I type "pratIxA. idaM nabhasi bhIShaNam" to get "परीक्षा। इदं नभ सि भीषण म्" (note the spurious spaces before si and m). Quite maddening if you're trying to any typing at length.

* UIM+cinnamon never could let me type with sa-itrans schema, even when I selected it in the toolbar applet.

Any tips or alternatives  - please let me know. As a last resort, I am even open to switching to another less-popular but well maintained + updated and free distro where devanAgarI typing works fine.

Vishvas /विश्वासः

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