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make 3.80 built for MinGW

From: Manu B
Subject: make 3.80 built for MinGW
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 00:03:06 +0100

I've built make 3.80 for Windows using MSYS/MinGW in three different

In my third attempt, I had a little idea. Instead of compiling separately
"/w32/subproc/libsubproc.a" and "/w32/pathstuff.o" as done in my second build,
or as it's done when building with M$ compiler, I wrote a "/w32/"
and built a single "/w32/libw32.a".

I'm submitting this idea for future releases of make. Attached archive contains 
a patch,
and a new /w32/

I'm also providing my build scripts for MSYS folks who would like
to reproduce my results.

Please, refer to my first attempt:
Get the attached archives there, build autoconf 2.56 and automake 1.7.1.
Then, just follow these steps:

  -  extract "" into make's source tree.
  -  "cd" to the source tree.
  -  "$ patch -p1 -i make-3.80-mingw.patch"
  -  "$ ./bootstrap"
  -  "$ build-i386"
( -  pray and you'll maybe find make.exe :)

Please, tell me what you think.


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