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Re: how to use "make" to build such project as lemur etc. on winxp.

From: Muhammad Hasan
Subject: Re: how to use "make" to build such project as lemur etc. on winxp.
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 17:11:33 +0500

Hi T.Wtsing.

You can use MinGW or CigWin in order to get the environment of linux to use Configure, Make and Make Install steps. This is the only solution, I know so far, to build linux projects containing makefiles on windows with GCC or G++. You can google how to get MinGW or CigWin.

The other tool that might also help you is NMAKE tool for windows. Remember !!! It uses CL compiler.

"CodeBlocks" is a cross platform compiler that might also help you. I haven't worked much on it but i'm sure it contains option to use makefile to build a project.

Let me know what option works out for you.

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2008/11/1 tianweixin <address@hidden>
Dear all,
I often need to build on winxp some projects developed on linux.Usually along with the srcs are some direction files like,install,,install-sh etc.I'm a novice to the "make".and know no much more than going to the top directory of the codes and run make,make install and such.can anyone tell me:
Is "make" able to build any c,c++ code in winxp?
why some codes cannot be built although have writen correct makefile?
thanks very much!

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