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[MIT-Scheme-announce] Installing on OS X (Lion)

From: James Abbott
Subject: [MIT-Scheme-announce] Installing on OS X (Lion)
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 14:40:50 +0100

Hello all, I'm new to this list. Am a Ruby, HTML, JS, & CSS developer, very interested in Lisp, Scheme, and Clojure. I had plans to learn Scheme to become a better programmer for some time; then Clojure came out, meaning Lisp is back with a vengeance. So here I am, ready for adventures in metalinguistic abstraction. (!)

I'd like to ask about installing mit-scheme on Mac OS X, 10.7.2. This manual that is from 2008 says one must drop the bin and lib folders in appropriate places:

The thing is, today the OS X download is a .dmg image. When I unzip it, all I see is a cheesy-looking gnu with a computer and a pipe.

The OS X installer installed Scheme in the /usr/local/lib/mit-scheme-i386 directory on my machine. There is a REPL shell with the name of mit-scheme, which works. But I also want to run scheme files, something like:

$ scheme myfile.scm

Right now, "which scheme" doesn't return anything and "scheme" doesn't work.

Is there a better way to install on OS X? I'd like to write an updated manual once I make it work.

Thanks beforehand!

/ James

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