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[Mldonkey-users] P2P via SMTP and Open Relays

From: Christian Brandt
Subject: [Mldonkey-users] P2P via SMTP and Open Relays
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 19:54:51 +0200

Am Freitag 04 April 2003 16:48 schrieben Sie:
> Ezequiel Martín Cámara wrote:
> > Some or all of the information edonkey exchanges -file lists, search
> > requests and results, file parts- could go in email attachements, so
> > that clients and server don't even have online at the same time for P2P
> > file sharing to succeed.
> That's a great idea!
> One more advantage is the way chunks would be propagated: It would be
> done by the mail server which usually has a fast internet connection. So
> all you do to spread a file is sending each chunk ONCE via mail to many
> users...

 Aw, thats plain evil! And would mean TREMENDOUS load for the relaying 
mailservers and within some weeks we would see serious ratio concerning 
this form of sharing - my local ISP Telekom already has a 1000 
message/month and a 32MB/message quota, they could easily say 100 
messages/month and 2MB/message or 100MB/month - but then it would at least 
make good use of all that GODDAMMED SPAMSPITTING RELAYS - putting them out 
for good coz of ZETABYTES of P2P-Traffic - lets call it a 
grassroot-movement against spam instead of a P2P-network :-)

 A local group of users once used it in a slightly less aggressive 
environment, all participants had local Mailservers on their dial-up-lines 
and DynDNS. So we send Chunks of 32MB via our providers relay by CC: 
targeted to five recipients with adresses like address@hidden, 
address@hidden and so on and thus the transfer should also be 
efficient from a providers perspective. Also it cut out quite a lot of 
hazzles like different quota at different SMTP-relays/POP3-accounts as only 
exactly one noninternal relay was involved. As we all had/have DynDNS-like 
addresses lost chunks could simply be ftp'd from the source. We never 
though of it as an p2p-solution, even the term wasn't coined back then, but 
it was quite efficient for transfering large amounts of data to our 

Christian Brandt

 life is short and in most cases it ends with death
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