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[Mldonkey-users] [BUG] Upload Stats

From: Xou
Subject: [Mldonkey-users] [BUG] Upload Stats
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 01:57:55 +0200

For a looong time now, mldonkey has been having this annoying bug. I thought it was a known bug ( and i think it is ) but it would never been corrected. Each new CVS i'm looking for a fix but it doesn't come.

So here we are! I hereby request that You-that-you-know have a look into this! ;-)

<bug description> When you put a new file a shared folder and load it for example with reshare command, it will get hashed AND shared ( -> it appear in upload slots ), BUT it won't appear in the upload stats ( upstats ). Smae thing in the GTK GUI. So i guess it's a problem in the code. You have to actually restart mldonkey if you want stats on this file.</bug description>

It's not an awful bug, but it's an annoying little bug preventing you of really thinking that mldonkey is the best of the best, shining in its perfection ;-)

Please please look into this, would be great!


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