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Re: [CVS] unix socket support added

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: [CVS] unix socket support added
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 14:06:26 +0200
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Christian Hopp wrote:

So what about the configurable pid-file thing (it's right now 0). Cuz
every time I try something I find out that monit is already running.
Sounds selfish, or. (-:


Yeasterday i looked on it :) There are two possible ways i think:

1.) replace constants in monit header file by pidfile configurable through monitrc.

- simpler code
- posibility to choose pidfile name+location

- all users must modify monitrc when upgrading to such version while 'set pidfile ...' statement will be required - in the most simplest case will monit define default pidfile location in monitrc, that maybe couldn't fit every user (present code supports pidpath detection)

2.) keep current code (with little modifications do so it still can detect PIDPATH) and extend parser to work with 'set pidfile PATH'. If pidfile wasn't explicitly specified (=> 'set pidfile PATH' isn't defined), it can use default values specified in header files + detected path)

- backward compatibility
- posibility to choose pidfile name+location

- little bit bigger code (although it will require very small changes)


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