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Re: NFS is going down, et al [was: pidfiles aka. Re: [CVS] unix socket s

From: rory
Subject: Re: NFS is going down, et al [was: pidfiles aka. Re: [CVS] unix socket support added]
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 10:41:51 -0700 (PDT)

>> > Let me cite "man mount" on this:
>> >        The program accessing a file on a NFS mounted file system
>> >        will hang when the  server crashes. The process cannot be
>> >        interrupted or killed unless you also specify intr.
>> Yes and I belive that alarm is exactly such an interrupt. If a process
>> receives the alarm signal it _has_ to act on it. The default behavior
>> is to terminate the process unless an alarm handler was installed. So
>> alarm (2) should not have any problems jolting monit out off a file
>> read block.

Hmmm... When last I did somethinbg like this under Linux, I had to use
MLOCK on all the pieces of code that I wanted to still run if NFS went
away. I would *not* reccommend this solution.
Having been in environments where everything was NFS (including read-only
root partitions that were shared) and large ISP style environments, I'm
going to have to day that if you have critical services, you should avoid
NFS and only use it to share data that couldn't otherwise be shared.
I would probably even go so far as to start monit at bootup and copy
relevant binaries into a /tmpfs style filesystem and run them from there.

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