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RE: monit dosn't start

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: RE: monit dosn't start
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 22:33:52 +0100

> >> I want to get monit working on a one-disk-router-distribution called
> >> "fli4l" which is very popular in germany. I compiled monit on my
> >> debian linux and copied the and to the
> >> lib-directory of my fli4l because fli4l only supports the smaller
> >> libc5. If I try to start monit I get the following message:
> >> "monit: You don't exist. Go away."
> >This means that the user starting the monit program cannot be found in
> >the /etc/passwd file. Before monit starts it will check that the user
> >running monit is a valid user, that is, a user mentioned in the
> >/etc/passwd file.
> Hello Jan-Henrik,
> I can't solve my problem because I log in and start monit as root. I
> think root is a valid user
> on my system. Maybe there is a problem with the format of the
> passwd-file?

Not likely. Didn't you say that you did some creative stuff with libc, maybe
there lies the reason?
Anyway here's the relevant code we use in monit (in env.c) that's causing you

  struct passwd *pw;

  /* Get password struct */
  if (! (pw= getpwuid(geteuid()))) {

    error("%s: You don't exist. Go away.\n", prog);


As you can see, either the call 'geteuid' or 'getpwuid' fails, in your case.
Probably geteuid. Try creating a small test program with the above code to
pinpoint the problem.


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