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MONIT Startup

From: Russell Adams
Subject: MONIT Startup
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 14:00:04 -0600
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I'm configuring MONIT to run on my Gentoo servers, and had a
question. I'm trying to use MONIT to keep certain critical processes
running at all times.

I'd like MONIT to start with init, but not autostart the various
processes it should monitor. I'd like Gentoo's startup scripts to
finish loading everything, then MONIT start monitoring everything.

There are a few reasons for doing this, but the biggest is how picky
Gentoo's startup/shutdown procs are for individual programs. It caches

Is there a method to delay MONIT from starting active monitoring for 5
minutes after launch? Perhaps can i start MONIT in passive mode, and
then move to active? It would be bad for MONIT to start a service
before its been called in the startup.

Or finally, should I just set all my services to monitor as manual,
and as the last thing in the Gentoo start scripts call MONIT to start
them? Would MONIT choke if they were already started when its called
with the start parameter?



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