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monitor interface

From: Francis Antonietti
Subject: monitor interface
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 09:46:38 +0200 (EET)
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i have some troubles to solve a problem:

i have a box with 3 interface
eth0 is primary service interface, connected to a switch
eth1 is (or should be) backup interface, connected to another switch, same
      network as eth0
eth2 management interface

when for any reason the connection on eth0 fails, (switch down, wire cut),
i want to move the values from eht0 to eth1 (so service is available on
eth1), restart the network until eth0 is available again

so i monitor with ping the the gateway from eth0
if failed than
-start program (for example php-scrip,shell) to change values from eth0 to
-restart network
-monitor if eth0 available, if yes go back to default

can i tell monit witch interface to use for the test?
is it possible to save some status-variables or something
like if eth0 up do this else do this
how can i launch more than one program after the "if failed....than"
command? and the last question (sorry i have so much :-)) lets say that
the environment where the box is locate changes. so the destination
address for the ping test change. can i pass this address by a variable to

thank you very much for you help

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