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DNS cache?

From: Jonathan Trott
Subject: DNS cache?
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 10:22:22 +1100

I am monitoring a remote web cluster using monit. The cluster is connected 
using multiple ADSL connections and the load is distributed using round 
robin DNS with a TTL of 0. The problem is that when I test http using the 
DNS name in monit, it appears to cache the DNS response the first time it 
starts up and doesn't refresh the record. This means that if the link that 
monit has cached the IP address of goes down, monit returns an alert even 
though the other connections are fine and the website is still reachable.
Can we get monit to follow the TTL of DNS records and lookup the record 
again when that TTL has expired? This would also be useful for testing 
servers/services hosted on dynamic DNS for instance.

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