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Mailalert sent on first timeout only

From: Einar S. Idsø
Subject: Mailalert sent on first timeout only
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 11:50:58 +0100

Dear listmembers

First of all: Thanks a lot for a great tool! I've only just started
using it, and I am already overwhelmed at the possibilities. Keep up the
excellent work!

My problem: I want to have monit restart a service without alerting me
if monit succeeds. If it fails to restart the server, I want it to mail
me so I can ssh to the server and restart the service manually. Monit
has been set up to only alert me on timeout, and timeout after two
failed restarts: "if 2 restarts within 2 cycles then tineout" + "alert
address@hidden only on {timeout}". This seems to work perfectly the
first time a process times out. After manually restarting the server, I
issue a "monit monitor processname", and monit goes gack to monitoring
the service and restarting it upon crash. However, the next time it
times out, no mail is sent. Is this intended behavior, or is it a bug?
To me it seems as if a flag ("mail sent") isn't reset when "monit
monitor" is issued. Please advise.

I am using Monit 4.3 on Gentoo servers.

Einar S. Idsø

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